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The most common consulting model of today is to identify and isolate problematic issues, and, hopefully, create programs and procedures to rectify the problems. Our consulting process taps into a new and innovate approach, building on the philosophy and approach of Greatness Within Seminars. The approach is one of not only identifying the strengths of the individual, business, organization, or educational situation, but to help create new and innovate ways of making those strengths flourish. With cutting-edge exercises, resources, and techniques for job placement strategies, team-building models, and more, Greatness Within Seminars is ready to take your professional life to the next level.  

Private consultations, held in-person or via Zoom, address the needs of the individual and bring all of the insight, wisdom, and guidance provided by Greatness Within Seminars to facilitate the person's growth and success.

Consultations for businesses focus on enhancing productivity, pleasure, and profitability.

Consultations for schools, teachers, and educational initiatives apply the Greatness Within principles to maximize effectiveness in educational settings.

Consulting: Services
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