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    This is the newest seminar in the Greatness Within Seminars series.
    When people think of ways of how to improve their marriage,
    whether to address painful problems or to take it from good to
    great, the standard model is to look at the blockages, the places
    where the couple gets stuck, and to work on those places in
    particular. While that approach is useful and valuable, this
    seminar takes an innovative approach.
    This seminar helps couples brainstorm and identify the things in
    their marriage that truly unite them. It helps couples discover,
    among other things, all of the things that they "love doing
    together," the things that they really do "right" together, the things
    that make them feel most connected, in a practical way. The
    seminar then helps the couples find ways of incorporating these
    events into their everyday lives instead of leaving them to happen
    on their own, as wonderful occasions that come around randomly.
    The impact of this approach is awesome!
    This seminar is practical, hands-on, interactive, fun,
    and methodical, empowering the couple with a concrete plan for a
    flourishing, or more flourishing, marriage.
    The next seminar will be in Jerusalem (date T.B.A.) ONLY for couples still in their first year of marriage! The total cost of the Marriage Seminar is 300 nis. Space is limited!
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