Holding Plant


Written by Rabbi Yosef Lynn, PsyD and Rabbi Jack Cohen, EdM. Being released via Mosaica Press in 2021.


"Although I no longer give haskamos, I must make an exception for a sefer that promotes self-knowledge and self-esteem, which are the foundation of mental health. Nurture Their Nature is a vital sefer and should be studied rather than just read."

-Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

"This book deals with the essential subject of developing individuality. If teachers grasp its message and its method, they will be empowered to inspire their students to discover what is special about them — and empower those students to grow into their unique personalities. This could be the solution to today's dispirited and dull educational process that so often results in young people falling away from their Judaism — and their potential for real happiness and achievement. A very good book, in my opinion."

-Rabbi Akiva Tatz, M.D.


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