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One of the greatest challenges our generation faces today is a basic lack of self-esteem. Even though Torah Judaism is flourishing with the opening of new learning opportunities, it seems that the practice of building the individual self has sadly taken a turn for the worse. The epidemic of poor self-esteem is attacking the Jewish people on all fronts. There are many different ways and levels of how a lack of self-esteem manifests itself in one's life. This plague affects every area of life, from frustrations in career choices to the inability to get out of bed in the morning. On a deeper level, the lack of self-esteem in one's life affects not only one's relationship with himself and with those around him, but more importantly the ultimate relationship between man and his Creator.

Attempts to resolve this problem have been met with little success. A byproduct of Greatness Within Seminars is to attack the problem of self-esteem from an entirely different angle. Through the process of becoming aware of one's natural strengths, and, more importantly, focusing on those natural strengths, one discovers his ultimate self-worth in this world. Not only will this process help a person discover his unique self-worth, but it allows the person to discern the direction his life should take. Living his life according to his self-worth is the solution to the generation's problem of self-esteem. When a person finds his self-worth and lives by it, he has achieved the solution to living a life of high self-esteem. This kind of life relegates the issues of self-esteem to a problem of the past, and it offers a life of greatness as the choice for the future.

Self-Esteem: Service
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