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    The seminar options currently offered by Greatness Within Seminars include:

    The original version of Greatness Within Seminars, this is the most comprehensive and detailed approach to discovering your strengths, passions, life mission, and more. This 7-week seminar is highly effective in educational settings, where students have the time and frame of mind to immerse themselves in the world of growth. In each weekly 90-minute session, the student is walked through a sophisticated, rigorous, and inspiring process of discovering his natural strengths, and he learns how to use his strengths to direct all major and minor future life decisions.
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    The new webinar takes the The Workbook Seminar and brings it to the comforts of your own home, using the most advanced and up-to-date webinar technology (Zoom). It is taught over the course of seven, 60-minute sessions, on Sundays. The seven weeks of sessions include completing the assigned workbook and a variety of educational and instructional videos and readings. This seminar is ideal for college students or young professionals who do not have the time or convenience to attend The Workbook Seminar in person. Each webinar is limited to 10 people.
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    This is a powerful three-day retreat in the north of Israel, nestled in a beautiful setting with luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and a variety of indoor and outdoor lectures and activities. The retreat integrates many of the highlights of The Workbook Seminar and other practical tools for understanding your unique life mission. It is guaranteed to enrich your personal and professional life. The retreat will be held at different times throughout the year and can be tailored for a private group (such as a company, educational institution, or tour group).
    This seminar takes a revolutionary approach to dramatically improving and re-shaping marital life. The interactive seminar focuses on how to boost marital happiness by helping couples identify and build on the areas of where things are going right in their marriage. 
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