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    This is the newest seminar from Greatness Within Seminars. This 7-week, intensive and powerful webinar will give you a clear understanding of what your natural strengths really are, and, more importantly, the tools for using those natural strengths. This is the most powerful seminar from Greatness Within Seminars and now it is available worldwide!
    Each webinar will have a maximum of 10 participants in each group,
    allowing for plenty of group interaction, discussions, and personalization. 
    The webinar will meet for 60 minutes on every Sunday of the
    7-week period. During those meetings, Rabbi Lynn, the webinar host,
    will combine each session with: 
    • a variety of group discussions, 
    • time for questions and answers, 
    • a combination of Jewish and Positive Psychology sources that discuss the importance of living your life according to your strengths, 
    • and, most importantly, inspirational messages that will change your paradigm of thought.
    ​IMPORTANT: Rabbi Lynn will be available throughout the webinar for questions, and after the 7-week webinar the participants will have the opportunity for one-on-one meetings with Rabbi Lynn (via Zoom) to discuss their experience, results, and future plans.
    As the group coordinator, I was amazed at how smoothly the webinar ran. The webinar was both professional and organized - Rabbi Lynn updated the group each week with any logistical information, reminders, and source sheets for the upcoming session, and even sent out weekly inspirational videos. Additionally, despite our large group call-in on Skype, we experienced minimal technical interruptions. On the call, Rabbi Lynn was  eager to answer any questions and was available to meet with students or answer questions outside of class. Given this, it was a pleasure to both coordinate and participate in the webinar. 
    -Yael Seruya, Jerusalem
    The Workbook Webinar Coordinator
    In today's society, most people turn to external factors in the search for happiness. However, Rabbi Lynn's webinar emphasizes that the key to living a meaningful and fulfilled life starts with you - it’s internal. He not only proves this to be true through his classes and reading materials, but also helps each participant find his or her unique strengths and provides practical ways to apply that vital information to one’s life.

    Through this webinar, I have gained clarity as to how to lead my life according to my strengths. Not only have I developed more self-awareness as to what those strengths are, but also the process has increased my confidence through recognizing my abilities and realizing that just as everyone has a unique mission in life, they also have unique qualities to complete that mission. Happiness starts within. 
    I thank Rabbi Lynn for being so available and enlightening through this process; he has become a real mentor.
    -Jennifer April, N.Y.C.
    University of Michigan Graduate
    Director of Operations @ The Brownstone in N.Y.C.
    The Workbook Webinar is an energizing exercise in self-discovery. Rabbi Lynn equipped me with the tools and the confidence necessary to design a life catered to my true strengths. The webinar gives individuals heightened awareness of unique qualities that make each one of us special. This has been an incredible journey!
    -Rebecca Simoff, Boston
    Boston University Graduate
    Accountant @ Ernst and Young
    The Workbook Webinar forces you to think deeply about the aspects of yourself and of life that are instrumental in personal growth and life satisfaction. It gives you an opportunity to figure out what’s important to you and how you can capitalize on what you’re great at and love doing. It’s a useful way to put things in perspective and even learn new things about yourself.
    -Michal Olsha, Jerusalem
    Wharton @ University of Pennsylvania Graduate
    The Workbook Webinar impacted me far more deeply than I could have imagined. Through hours of self-reflection within an effective and guided workbook, I identified my strengths and developed a plan to best utilize them. The webinar has impacted many areas of my life that I couldn’t have imagined: it has changed my approach to religion, relationships, and career choices. I’m sure the full impacts of the webinar cannot yet be fully seen; I look forward to seeing them continue to creep into my daily life. 
    -Sari Leventhal, Philadelphia
    University of Pennsylvania Graduate
    Ph.D. Candidate in Nursing
    The Workbook Webinar guides you through a deep self-assessment, helping you understand both the complex aspects of your personality and the simple ones that you’ve been ignoring or running away from. With his wisdom, patience, compassion, and good humor, Rabbi Lynn helps each student form a personalized plan of how to use who you are to become who you want to be.
    -Jessica Gerber, Philadelphia
    University of Pennsylvania Graduate
    Associate Project Manager @ National Analysts Worldwide
    The webinar enables you to gain clarity on your strengths and figure out how you can live according to those strengths in every facet of life, thereby being the "greatest" person you can be. This paradigm-shifting experience was invaluable, even for someone like me who is self-aware. Rabbi Yosef Lynn draws on Torah sources and Positive Psychology to bring home the idea that living by our strengths is how we fulfill our God-given purpose and truly live "the good life." I recommend it to everyone. 
    -Jenna Shweitzer, Philadelphia
    University of Pennsylvania Graduate
    Law School, University of Pennsylvania