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    Rabbi Yosef Lynn, Psy.D., MAPP
    Founder and Director
    A native of Palm Beach, Florida, Rabbi Yosef Lynn graduated from the University of Colorado (Boulder), College of Architecture, as valedictorian and Phi Beta Kappa. In the year 2000, he moved on from the study of the construction of brick and mortar edifices in order to focus his efforts on learning how to build human beings. At the age of 25, after five years of intensive study of rabbinical law and ethics, he accepted the prestigious position of Dean of Students at Machon Yaakov - The Dr. David Robinson Institute of Jewish Heritage, in Jerusalem. Machon Yaakov accepts promising students with little formal Jewish background and seeks to create an environment that maximizes their spiritual, intellectual, and character development. In addition to his role as Dean of Students, Rabbi Lynn is a Senior Lecturer, counselor, and personal advisor.
    In 2005, Rabbi Lynn developed and tested a unique approach to self-development, known as the The Workbook Seminar, which became the platform for a variety of different seminars, known today as Greatness Within Seminars.
    Rabbi Lynn continually broadens and refines the system, which is available not only to his students at Machon Yaakov, but to other institutions and private groups as well.
    Beyond Machon Yaakov, Rabbi Lynn is a life coach, an author, a marriage counselor, and a key program director for MEOR. For MEOR, Rabbi Lynn is the Director of MEOR Poland, the Director of Recruiting (hiring of MEOR educators), and the MEOR Ombudsman. 
    Rabbi Lynn holds a Psy.D. in Human and Organizational Psychology from Touro, a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania (where he learned under the founder of the field of Positive Psychology, Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman), he teaches the Positive Psychology course at Touro College, Jerusalem Campus, he is the Israel representative for SIPPA, the Students of the International Positive Psychology Association, and he is a representative for the International Positive Education Network
    He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and five children.
    Ayelet Gordon
    Ayelet Gordon grew up in England (Manchester) and spent her gap year studying at Michlalah Yerushalayim. While studying Physical Therapy in university in Manchester, her skills and passion for Jewish education and mentoring blossomed. She was trained and hired as a female educator by AISH Manchester and then eventually made her way back to Jerusalem, driven and determined to inspire, educate, and give to others.
    Now in Israel, in addition to delivering public lectures, Ayelet is a personal advisor to many students at several seminaries. She helps her students maximize their Israel experience and continues to guide and advise alumni on how to make their everyday lives more fulfilling and meaningful. In addition, she has initiated advanced learning programs for post-seminary girls both in the UK and in Israel.
    Always active and brimming with energy, Ayelet also frequently accepts leadership roles for groups touring Israel or visiting sites of Jewish interest in Eastern Europe.
    Having been trained by Rabbi Lynn, Ayelet is excited to follow Rabbi Lynn’s lead in mentoring and educating within the field of strength-based workshops. She truly believes that these seminars have the capacity to raise people’s spirits, help them face their struggles, and ultimately, guide individuals to fulfilling their potential.