The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of living my life according to my natural strengths is that I don't know what they are. How do I discover my natural strengths?

The Workbook Seminar gives you a complete understanding of who you really are. The results of the workbook lead you not only onto the path of true character perfection, but they also give you clarity on the fundamental questions of life that every person asks, such as:

  • What are my personality strengths?

  • What kind of relationships do I need?

  • When I have some time in the day to learn, what should I learn?

  • How can I inspire myself?

  • What careers would be the best fit for my personality?

  • What can I offer a community?

  • What type of community should I live in?

Focusing on your areas of greatness enables you to answer all of the major questions about life. Once you have those answers, living a life of happiness and fulfillment at maximum capacity becomes a real possibility. With such a journal, the world of uncertainty fades away. How much would a person pay for the formula for how to live life with the confidence that he is doing exactly what he was placed in this world to do?

The basic seminar consists of two elements: the lectures and the workbook.

The lectures provide the direction of the seminar. These lectures contain:

  • The fundamental Torah sources that describe the importance and obligation of living one's life according to one's strengths.

  • A clear look at some of the practical steps of growth given by many of the great leaders of the Mussar movement, such as Rabbi Yisrael Salanter, the Alter of Slobodka, the Alter of Kelm, Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe, and more.

  • Some of the newest research and insights from Positive Psychology about the importance of using one's natural strengths.

  • How to carry out the specific exercises in the workbook.

  • How to gather productive information from the workbook.

At the beginning of the seminar, each participant will be given a copy of the workbook. The workbook contains various written and analytical exercises that compel you to dig deep and discover the treasures within yourself. The seminar will give exact directions for how to complete the workbook, and, more importantly, how to extract the necessary information from within yourself. During the lectures there will be ample time for questions on every section.

The Workbook Seminar is customized to meet the needs of the group or individual for both men and women.


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