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This 7-week, intensive and powerful webinar will give you a clear understanding of what your natural strengths really are, and, more importantly, the tools for using those natural strengths. This is the most powerful seminar from Greatness Within Seminars and now it is available worldwide!

Each webinar will have a maximum of 20 participants in each group, allowing for plenty of group interaction, discussions, and personalization. The webinar will meet for 60 minutes on every Sunday of the 7-week period. During those meetings, Rabbi Lynn, the webinar host, will combine each session with:

  • a variety of group discussions,

  • time for questions and answers,

  • a combination of Jewish and Positive Psychology sources that discuss the importance of living your life according to your strengths,

  • and, most importantly, inspirational messages that will change your paradigm of thought.

IMPORTANT: Rabbi Lynn will be available throughout the webinar for questions, and after the 7-week webinar the participants will have the opportunity for a one-on-one 30 min. meeting with him (via Zoom) to discuss their experience, results, and future plans.


Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

Rabbi Noach Orlowek​​​


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